So, it’s been a little while. This for-fun side project of ours, formerly known as Pixel Pricks, has sat as empty as the Anthem servers for over a year now, and it’s time to change that. Kevin and I have always loved talking about video games, and this is the perfect place to do it. So let’s go over what kind of stuff we’ll be talking about, and the standards we’ll try to hold ourselves to.

The Content

In short, we’ll be writing about what we want to write about. This isn’t a gaming news site, but more of a place to let you know our views on everything gaming related as it pertains to us. This can include deep dives into specific series or games, top lists, updates and thoughts on what we’re currently playing, reviews, or any other random bits that we feel are worth sharing.

The “Last Bastion” Bit

If you spend any significant amount of time on the popular gaming sites these days, you’ve probably realized they’ve devolved a bit. This isn’t due to any one thing, but rather a collection of, in our opinion, downgrades from what made these sites great in the past. Some have gotten too corporate, focusing on the money and getting as many clicks as possible, no matter what it takes. Others have essentially morphed into political grifting bubbles that occasionally remember they’re supposed to write about games. There are a few that are controversy magnets. The list goes on.

We want to create a tiny little corner of the internet that still talks about gaming and keeps the focus on the hobby we all love. We aren’t too dumb to realize that things like politics and games can’t overlap, and when we write about a subject that resides at that intersection, we aim to approach it as neutrally as possible.

As for corporatism, we don’t foresee the site growing enough to even get to that point. Don’t get us wrong; growth like that would be awesome, but we’re in this to discuss games.

Post Frequency

As much as we would like to write about games as a full-time job, that’s not the reality. We have a lot going on, with jobs, marriages, sports coaching, and upcoming additions to family. That said, we’re going to post whenever possible.

We’re excited to just talk about games, and we hope you stick around and join the conversation!

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